• 5/28/17

    Patient with anger management problems describes the desperation of certain government officials in these explosive political times.

  • 5/29/17

    Hard headed patient speaks bluntly about the pros and cons of human intervention into the natural way of things.

  • 5/30/17

    Manipulation of belief once was the domain of the hypnotist and the con man. Now it is domain of media culture as patient Sven G understands.

  • 6/1/17

    Prognosticating patient suggests that feeding people what they want to hear while in a pliable state is a way to gain disciples.

  • 6/2/17

    Mythical holiday patient confronts an ongoing identity crisis.

  • 6/3/17

    High risk patient confronts a common fear but one that can become debilitating for those who dwell on negative possibilities.

  • 6/4/17

    Biodegradable patient makes a wry observation on the deceitful pretensions of the current administration regarding both politics and environment.

  • 6/6/17

    Patient demonstrates that he has learned the hard way that the truth can never be covered up forever.

  • 6/7/17

    Underworld patient helps out former Jersey associate by sending a message to an enemy that no one could ignore.

  • 6/7/17

    Pint sized patient confronts a common dilemma - the feeling that the universe is against us and all choices are bad.

  • 6/8/17

    Hyper time conscious patient reminds us that dwelling on the passage of time only leaves less time for enjoyment of life.

  • 6/9/17

    Patient conversant in unconscious brain function suggests a possible explanation for the incoherent thought and speech patterns of the current president.

  • 4/8/13

    Inherent traits underlying our personalities cannot be changed for better or for worse - better in the case of this smiley patient.

  • 6/10/17

    Thoughtfully thoughtless patient minimizes inherent deficiencies in the healthy pursuit of contentment and self esteem.

  • 6/10/17

    Unthinking humans consider hypocrisy to be an annoying, unappealing trait but for some like this miniature patient it can have very serious consequences.

  • 6/11/17

    Unsuspecting swimming guest unwittingly brings back evidence of EPA boss’ conflict of interest concerning big oil companies.

  • 6/11/17

    Patient known as an instrument of brutality reflects on the idea that perspective in time and place affects judgement.

  • 6/12/17

    Essential emergency road service patient offers a grievance that many who play a critical but sporadic role in an enterprise feel.

  • 6/12/17

    Introspective glass patient uses personal experience to describe the ironic and chameleon-like nature of human perception.

  • 6/13/17

    The defenses we create to protect fragile egos can also impede normal socializing as illustrated by a suspicious, quilled patient.

  • 6/13/17

    The foundation of modern media manipulation goes back to the need for primitive man to know that which cannot be known.

  • 6/14/17

    Experiencing negative feelings is normal; dwelling on them can lead to anger and depression as easily pricked patients discovers.

  • 6/14/17

    Fitting healthcare into a tight budget remains a problem for many including this timid, fiscally responsible patient.

  • 6/15/17

    It’s difficult to look at ourselves objectively as patient with right wing and masochistic tendencies illustrates.

  • 6/16/17

    The unconscious mind as that of surprise patient is a delicate and impressionable canvas and not to be toyed with as modern media does.

  • 6/16/17

    Patient well versed in deception observes that modern media have made it much easier for him to earn his livelihood.

  • 6/17/17

    Finicky patient equates friendly canine behavior with subservience and deems it inferior to feline aloofness.

  • 6/18/17

    Normal adolescent behavior tests limits in order to set norms as precocious patient with singular nasal problem does.

  • 6/18/17

    Names define us in many ways. We can be hurt by name calling and thus should do our best not to hurt others by mocking their names.

  • 6/19/17

    The familiar is normal, the unfamiliar abnormal; still we are often judgmental of others as long necked patient observes.

  • 6/20/17

    The power of suggestion works best when the subject’s unconscious desires are tapped as suggestive patient Sven G demonstrates.

  • 6/20/17

    Underworld patient laments that fact that another family took organized crime all the way to the White House before he could.

  • 6/21/17

    Patriarchal patient laments the lack of modern technology in an age when there was direct communication with God.

  • 6/21/17

    It’s not unusual for patients to take an antagonist attitude during early sessions as explosive patient does with this taunt.

  • 6/22/17

    Hard hitting conscientious patient worries that when he’s out of sorts others may suffer the consequences.

  • 6/22/17

    Even the most sophisticated among us can benefit from a lesson in tact as well intentioned and manicured patient illustrates.

  • 6/23/17

    We are often more than happy to go outside of our job description, sometimes way outside as egg laying mammal testifies.

  • 6/23/17

    Perhaps fear of perdition underlies the criminal underworld’s devotion to religious ritual as portrayed by crime boss patient.

  • 6/24/17

    For most self-pity isn’t justified for more than a moment but for others there is an argument as oblong pigskin patient can make.

  • 6/24/17

    A toxic environment that causes depression isn’t to be confused with suicidal tendencies as swamped swamp patient finds.

  • 6/25/17

    Finding the time and energy for that creative outlet is as important as the more mundane realities as crowing patient realizes.

  • 6/26/17

    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by our problems as numerical patient imagines but with help there is always a solution.

  • 6/26/17

    Science fiction patient admits to what many caring people are thinking in an age in which compassion is out of fashion.

  • 6/27/17

    Somewhere between the conscious and the unconscious lies an awareness that time is passing and will eventually run out as notes sandy patient.

  • 6/28/17

    No one can put on a happy face at all times, not even this perpetually sunny patient though trying hard.

  • 6/28/17

    We’ve all experienced the negativity of jealousy and envy as gushing patient expresses over miniature rival.

  • 6/29/17

    Dessert patient relishes the idea of metaphysical justice appearing in this purely physical world.

  • 6/29/17

    Hidden agendas are sometimes difficult to discern and sometimes easy as in the case of this suspiciously inquisitive patient.

  • 6/30/17

    The writing is on the wall for current administration as patient with experience in deposing a tyrant callously notes.

  • 7/1/17

    Cosmic consciousnesses don’t alway perceive things the way we do here in the physical realm as conceptual twins illustrate.

  • 7/2/17

    Spare patient passively but aggressively threatens those who take him for granted with a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • 7/2/17

    I’m always interested in seeing the creation of art from the point of view of those involved as discussed by famous poet and bird.

  • 7/3/17

    Bromides begin with a grain of truth but often leave the intellect pondering the obvious as metaphorical axiom patient wonders.

  • 7/4/17

    People who build up defenses against interaction with others often just need help in overcoming their fears as does this thorny patient.

  • 7/4/17

    Caring, schizophrenic patient longs both for attention and to do something good for the world.

  • 7/5/17

    Mathematically theoretical patient laments coming up with great works of literature just a little too late to get credit for them

  • 7/6/17

    Some fears are rational; some are not; it’s not always easy to draw the line between fear and phobia as rubbery patient ponders.

  • 7/6/17

    Gentle patient transfers the good feeling given to him by an outsider onto the outsider as the kindhearted often do.

  • 7/7/17

    We tend to believe that our own perceptions are obvious to others, something not borne out by nailed patient’s experience.

  • 7/7/17

    We joke that we could “die laughing” at something funny but as joker patient points out that is not really a joking matter.

  • 7/8/17

    Skeptically aloof patient ponders the responsibilities and demands of true friendship and questions my personal allegiances.

  • 7/8/17

    With fake news as common as real news we are now free to believe whatever falsehood we choose as once lie-fearing patient discovers.

  • 7/9/17

    Morning people sometimes find themselves with time on their hands later as complains perpetually early rising patient.

  • 7/10/17

    Low self esteem causes us to read unintended meaning into the actions of others as savory patient is inclined to do.

  • 7/11/18

    Long necked patient describes one of the idiosyncratic but typical situations of being the individual that we all are.

  • 7/13/17

    Individual perspectives are always unique and worth paying attention to as sunny patient’s observation reminds.

  • 7/14/17

    Cynics, skeptics, pessimists and negative thinkers often want to change their outlook as halting patient demonstrates.

  • 7/15/17

    It is incumbent on the strong to look out for the weak, something that too often doesn’t happen as complains mini-patient.

  • 7/16/17

    Biblical patient observes that the all too human inability to resist temptation has changed little over the millennia.

  • 7/17/17

    Self assertion is important even as we have to be aware of the limitations of our own personal perspective.

  • 7/18/17

    Pleasing others before pleasing yourself always becomes increasingly difficult as explosive patient has discovered.

  • 7/19/17

    Environmentally sensitive patient gives first hand evidence of the damage done by too great a reliance on the fossil fuel industry.

  • 7/20/17

    There is some truth to the intuitive feeling that some days are better than others as skewered patient observes.

  • 7/21/17

    While individual behaviors may vary greatly, the motive behind them might be quite recognizable as territorial patient notes.

  • 7/22/17

    We shouldn’t be too hasty to judge relationships that appear to be out of the norm as hard hitting patient suggests.

  • 7/23/17

    With a great deal of money involved underworld odds often reflect reality better than polls or pundits as boss patient mentions.

  • 7/24/17

    Taking action doesn’t always get us where we want to go but at least it gets the process started as limber patient realizes.

  • 7/27/17

    What is fun for some and has religious significance for others is merely an annoyance for iconic egg laying patient.

  • 7/28/17

    Anticipation can be as agonizing as it is thrilling notes highly coveted pigskin patient.

  • 7/29/17

    Patient well versed in swamp things notes that if the swamp is being drained, there is no evidence of that yet.

  • 7/30/17

    Is it genetics, environment or something else that matches us up with the roles we play in life wonders nonthreatening patient.

  • 7/31/17

    Ironically, as time measuring patient observes, we look forward to a future that at some point won’t exist.

  • 8/1/17

    In a world of deceit it is sometimes easy to spot a hidden agenda as in the case of not sheepish patient and sometimes not.

  • 8/2/17

    Keeping our troubles to ourselves can have a devastating impact on our emotional wellbeing as perpetually positive patient knows.

  • 8/3/17

    The point where the finite and the infinite intersect is as much a mystery to this theoretical patient as to my human patients.

  • 8/4/17

    We all have things that we’d rather keep from the outside world but for some it’s a more difficult task.

  • 8/5/17

    Though natural profiling based on stereotypes can be misleading and unfair as watery patient discusses.

  • 8/6/17

    Defense mechanisms that kick in unconsciously are often more obvious to others than to ourselves as pink patient shows.

  • 8/7/17

    More than other creatures humans have a tendency to get themselves into entanglements as this flexible patient shows.

  • 8/8/17

    Even ancient wisdom in the words of cookie patient condemns the narcissistic personality as familiar now as then.

  • 8/9/17

    Artists often begin by imitating others before developing their own voice as persistent simian patient has discovered.

  • 8/10/17

    Nocturnal patient points out the advantages both of bifocal vision and wakefulness in a time of great uncertainty.

  • 8/11/17

    Astute observations about the current political situation come from unexpected places like this miniature pundit.

  • 8/12/17

    There’s no denying the nature part of nature vs. nurture; thus it is pointless to question it as well sharpened patient does.

  • 8/13/17

    Normally it’s good to see things from both points of view although as opposites patient notes that, too, can be confusing.

  • 8/14/17

    Making assumptions about the motives of others often causes misunderstanding as in the case of this early rising patient.

  • 8/15/17

    Consciously or unconsciously we all need a purpose to make life fulfilling as this little used patient bemoans.

  • 8/16/17

    Artists reach into their subconscious for inspiration and sometimes make surprising discoveries about themselves like patient Edgar Allan.

  • 8/17/17

    It’s normal and healthy to ponder our own mortality at times as patient torn between optimism and pessimism does.

  • 8/18/17

    We all take many things for granted until we see the world from another’s perspective as this prickly patient reminds us.

  • 8/19/17

    It can be difficult to know how closely our self image aligns with the way others see us as juicy patient wonders.

  • 8/20/17

    The relationship between semantics and objective reality is an interesting one as suggested by the semantic logic of this patient.

  • 8/22/17

    Even the most loving and giving of us can become frustrated when there is little acknowledgment of our sacrifice.

  • 8/23/17

    In spite of normal anxieties tiny patient is able to appreciate at least one positive trait in an intimidating species.

  • 8/24/17

    The pathological liar is helplessly compelled to lie and to rationalize lies with further obvious falsehoods as 3 dollar patient shows.

  • 8/25/17

    Rationalizing abnormal behavior as this tough skinned patient does is one of the ways we lose self perspective.

  • 8/26/17

    We seek the thrill of strong emotions even knowing that there is always a danger of going too far as frightful fun patient notes.

  • 8/27/17

    Never one to mince words I sometimes wonder with this feline patient who’s the therapist and who’s the patient.

  • 8/28/17

    Dishonest people often attempt to represent their deliberate lies as honest mistakes, an issue faced by this lie-proof patient daily.

  • 8/29/17

    Facing up to deliberate wrongdoing is for some impossible resulting in the scapegoating of the innocent like this well oriented patient.

  • 8/30/17

    It’s better to admit the truth than to try to live up to the unrealistic expectations of others as thin skinned patient discovers.

  • 8/31/17

    Artistic genius often springs from unknown unconscious sources as literary giant patient Will S seems to demonstrate.

  • 9/1/17

    It’s important to see things from others’ perspectives to know that the grass isn’t always greener as testifies this tree tall patient.

  • 9/2/17

    Playing mind games with patients is part of the job as is often the case with mesmerizing patient Sven G whose motives are never clear.

  • 9/3/17

    There is nothing more important than ensuring the continuation of the species as this usually sunny patient worries.

  • 9/4/17

    Try as we might because we know it’s not healthy we often take our work home with us as sudden patient experiences.

  • 9/5/17

    Compassion for the small and weak is the one thing there cannot be too much of alludes a tiny patient in search of some.

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